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Enjoy Your Lifestyle

Enjoy Your Lifestyle

Make Work Optional

Make Work Optional

Experience Lasting Prosperity

Experience Lasting Prosperity

Grandfather’s financial plan won’t work for you.

HENRY face a new frontier of wealth management.
If you have the means and the aspiration to live an affluent lifestyle, but don’t feel like you have the financial control or knowledge to make it a reality, you’re probably a HENRY (High Earner, Not Rich Yet).

HENRYs typically earn a household income between $250,000 and $500,000, but struggle with money management due to a unique set of financial challenges.

Are you struggling with these challenges?
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You have an excessive tax burden and you’re not sure where your money’s going.

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You have significant family obligations – often including extended family that you provide care and support to.
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You’ve got strong cashflow, but lack significant assets to show for it.
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You’re great at making money, but have challenges managing it.

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You know you should be saving for retirement, but you can’t figure out how to go about it.

Imagine What Could Be Possible if You Treated Your Personal Finances Like a Business.

You’re unstoppable when you know what to do. At Centrus, we give you the guidance to make strategic financial decisions that change the game and make you the boss of your life.
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Build Your Wealth

Whether you’re 40 years away from retirement or 4, we work with clients in all phases of their financial journey. We work closely with you to provide guidance, planning, and the implementation of investment strategies that allow your money to grow safely while minimizing risk.

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Pay Less in Taxes

Ever wonder why SO MUCH of your money is going to taxes? Stop worrying about losing money, and work with us to redirect those funds through the development of an optimal tax strategy. We specialize in finding creative, legal solutions to protect your money from the government and provide growth in the process.

Achieve your financial goals

Achieve your financial goals

You’re earning more money than you ever dreamed of, but it feels like money is leaking somewhere. We help you prioritize your goals, so your cash funds what is necessary and what is most important – allowing you the flexibility to save.

Experience Life on Your Terms

Experience Life on Your Terms

No matter your goals, we want to help you align your assets to achieve them. Chances are, you have enough money to make your dreams a reality — what’s needed is a team to help you apply the proper strategies to transition from required work to your next chapter where your future is secure and your time is your own.

Your income should be a source of strength, not uncertainty.

As a successful professional, your income is powerful. But more money doesn’t always lead to more financial security. It can leave you feeling trapped and powerless.

We understand that you want to take control of your money and live life on your terms. But, to do that, you need to feel secure in your financial journey.

You just need the right guidance to show you the way.

At Centrus, we know you want to enjoy your lifestyle and preserve your wealth. We understand the unique challenges HENRYs face and have partnered with hundreds of clients and have over 80 years of combined experience elevating clients’ financial realities. As Certified Wealth Strategists and Certified Financial Planners, we have the training and experience to meet all our client’s financial needs.

Starting the journey with Centrus is simple.

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step 1. Get Started

Book your first meeting and discover what is possible in your financial life.

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step 2. Get Focused

Start moving confidently in the direction of your financial success. With the right strategy and team in place, you can do anything.

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step 3. Get Living

Enjoy life on your terms with control and confidence in your financial life like you’ve never known before.


About Centrus Financial Advisors and Strategies

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Centrus Financial Strategies, a holistic, tax-savvy financial planning firm founded by Jude H. Wilson, provides guidance and solutions for all facets of your financial concerns. The company's proprietary process - The Centrus Wealth Compass - focuses on investment management, tax strategy, risk tolerance analysis, cash flow/debt management, and insurance needs analysis, including life, disability, and long-term care coverage.

In addition, Centrus offers tax planning, estate planning, property, and asset review, and legacy planning. With Centrus, you won't just be investing in quantity, you'll be investing in the quality of your life.

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Our core focus at Centrus is to create clarity and peace of mind so that you can live your life with confidence.

Jude H. Wilson, CWS®, MBA, BPC™
Chief Wealth Strategist, Centrus Financial Strategies