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“During volatile times, the confidence of clear guidance is priceless”


A Story of Guidance

As our clients trusted advisor, Centrus’ primary focus is guidance. Our dedicated, experienced team and proven processes provide an exceptional planning journey in guiding our clients to their desired destination. With over 80 years of financial planning, we don’t just do the planning FOR you, we do it WITH you. We coach, encourage, inform and advocate to assist you in your financial planning so you can live your BEST life imaginable.

Your Retirement Checklist

It’s never too early to begin planning for your retirement. In fact, the earlier you begin to identify your goals, plan and save, the more likely you are to achieve the retirement you’ve always desired.  The most important step is to start now.

Whether you are 10 years, 3 years or currently enjoying retirement, there are smart options for you to make those years even more fulfilling. Checkout out our Centrus Retirement Checklist below. 

See Your Tax Bill

How is SO MUCH MONEY going to taxes!? If that’s how you feel, then chances are you don’t have an optimal tax strategy in place. We specialize in finding creative, legal solutions to protect your money from the government and provide growth in the process.

Use our Retirement Tax Bill Calculator to understand your potential tax bill in retirement in just 30-seconds.

Whether you're newly retired, or 3 - 10 years away,
we have the booklet for you!

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of Centrus clients who have gone through the Confident Retirement approach feel confident they can cover these costs, making them 4% more likely to feel this way than the U.S. average.

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Our Services


Your retirement plan is chugging along. But, are you taking full advantage of hidden opportunities to improve the returns on your investments? If not, you should be.


Risk is unavoidable, but I can help you prepare. Life insurance, disability and long term care option for you and your loved ones are just the first step in mitigation.


No one likes to deal with legal issues, but a little prep work can go a long way: durable power of attorney, asset titling, estate planning, business succession and more.


What happens to your legacy when you’re gone? Asset distribution, of course. But what about charitable giving, education funding, and ensuring your values live on?


Financial planning is really lifestyle planning. Vacations, a second home and enjoying the fruits of your success — not everything is saved for future generations.

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