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Exceptional guidance inspires the confidence to stay on course with our wide variety of financial solutions.


Centrus Wealth Navigator

Guidance. Planning. Solutions.

Centrus serves as a strategic partner that directs you towards a worry-free financial future. Using our proprietary GPS Centrus Wealth Navigator, the GPS stands for we work together with you to provide Guidance, Planning and Solutions. Our focus is to find the right combination of TaxWise strategies and lifestyle planning to successfully align your financial portfolio with your goals. We achieve this by leveraging proven methods to lock-in opportunities and limit risk. With Centrus, you’re free to pursue dreams, not just decimals.

Tax-Smart Planning

Current tax rates are at an all-time low. Some would even say they are “On Sale”. Low tax brackets are only half of the equation in your financial planning. Allocating your investments and savings with tax-wise strategies will safeguard against paying unnecessary taxes now and later, and ensure your retirement income will last longer.


Investing does not have to be “Risky Business”. At Centrus, we believe investments should mirror the risk level that makes you comfortable. Your investments should align with your priorities, your goals, and your dreams. With an eye on long term growth, sophisticated trading strategies, and an emphasis on tax-wise planning, we work with Nobel Prize-winning economists to plan for your future financial success.

Insurance & Annuities

There are no crystal balls, or Magic 8 Balls. Life is unpredictable plain and simple. Advanced preparation is key. Centrus strives to ensure your nest egg will grow protected and be available for when you need it or your loved one needs it. Employing a variety of resources from including Long-Term Care, Life Insurance, and Annuities gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your best life now.

Financial Planning

Financial planning can be compared to mountain climbing. People often plan wisely as they accumulate while climbing toward “Mount Retirement”. As people reach the summit and then begin the journey down and into the actual retirement phase, some experience significant difficulty in ensuring their retirement assets will provide lifelong income.

Centrus aligns powerful and insightful technology with our experienced team to deliver your retirement destination worry-free. Portfolio stress tests, a risk tolerance assessment, and a financial heat map are just a few of the tools we used to determine market risk exposure.